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What is GMAT Exam?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test used by graduate business schools over the world to assess the aptitude of applicants for advanced study in business and management. Cracking the GMAT can help you gain entry into a top-ranked business school and improve your chances of success in your chosen field.

What is GMAT Exam Syllabus & Pattern?
The GMAT exam is divided into four sections:

1. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): This section consists of one written essay that you will have to complete in 30 minutes. 

2. Integrated Reasoning (IR)This section has 12 questions that need to be answered in 30 minutes. Multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation, two-part analysis, and table analysis are asked in it.

3. Quantitative: This section has 31 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered in 62 minutes. The question types include: Problem-Solving, Data Sufficiency

4. Verbal: This section has 36 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered in 65 minutes. The question types include Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction & English vocabulary. 

How to prepare for GMAT with EduRev?

GMAT preparation is now more convenient and accessible with EduRev App.  Everybody teaches, but not LIKE US. We have built a world-class academic delivery model based on in-depth understanding of a Learner’s needs.

Smart Preparation is required to ace the GMAT exam and hard meaningless preparation that consumes lot of your time with lesser gain should be avoided. Here are the details of best GMAT online coaching provided by EduRev App. 

1. Topic Wise GMAT Online Tests, Videos & Notes of each Section: Quant, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, AWA

2. GMAT Mock Tests & Solved Practice Tests

3. GMAT Practice Questions from Previous Year Papers 

4. 100+ RC’s for GMAT

5. Section Wise Important tips & tricks

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on GMAT Exam

1. How can I do GMAT Preparation Online?
You can prepare for GMAT online through EduRev App. Take initial practice tests at EduRev App. Determine your weak spots by section and by question type. You should devote study time to every section, but you should spend the highest number of prep hours on the areas in which you struggle. Read here in detail: How to Prepare for GMAT?

2. How long does it take to prepare for GMAT?

To prepare for the GMAT, plan to spend a minimum of 2-3 months and 100-120 hours studying. This can include time spent in class sessions, tutoring sessions and regular practice. The top scorers on the GMAT typically spend 120+ hours studying, which averages to about 12 hours per week. It's best to aim for 2-3 hours of daily study, 6 days a week and to take one day off. Remember, consistency is important, so try to stick to a regular study schedule.

3. How do I register for the GMAT?

You can register for the GMAT at (the official GMAT website). After you create an account, you can select your testing date, time, and location by clicking on “Register for the GMAT” under “The GMAT Exam” on the main page.

4. Is 700 GMAT score hard?

A GMAT score of 700 is considered a good score and is above the average GMAT score. However, it is considered a competitive score, as the average GMAT score for most top-ranked business schools is around 710. Achieving a score of 700 on the GMAT requires a good understanding of the test format, strong problem-solving skills, and solid verbal and quantitative abilities. 

5. Is 2 months enough for GMAT?

Two months is a relatively short period of time to prepare for the GMAT, and it may be challenging to cover all the material and achieve a high score in such a limited time frame. It's better to have a minimum of 3-4 months to prepare for GMAT. However, it's not impossible to achieve a good score in two months, but it would require a significant amount of dedication and hard work. The key is to have a solid study plan in place, focus on your weak areas, and practice regularly.

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