This Car Cup Holder Expander Makes Room for Even the Largest Water Bottles

No need to have your water bottle rolling around on the passenger seat floor any longer!

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What’s one thing 40+ ounce water bottles, like Yeti or Hydro Flask, and coffee mugs all have in common? They don’t fit in most car cup holders, resulting in rattling bottles on the car floor or spilled coffee. Fed up with not having a spot to fit my large capacity water bottles and cute travel mugs, I came across the answer: A car cup holder expander. Spoiler: Road trips are so. much. better. thanks to this genius find.

What is a car cup holder expander?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The expander makes room for large water bottles that don’t fit in regular car cup holders. Boasting an adjustable base that expands to fit cup holders between 2.6 and 3.8 inches, it offers just the right amount of room to fit every type of bottle or mug. Simply twist the car cup holder expander until it’s secure and you’ve got the perfect spot for coffee mugs and lofty water bottles. Reviewers also note it works in golf cart cup holders too.

Before testing this product, I used to hold my Hydro Flask or travel mug in my hands while riding in the passenger seat. Or worse, I would throw my larger-than-life water bottle on the passenger seat while driving. Now, that problem is a thing of the past with this road trip game-changer.

Pro tip: If your car’s cup holders are more than 2.75 inches deep, the brand recommends the long base version.

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How to Use a Car Cup Holder Expander

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Ready for the easiest setup ever? The car cup holder expander arrives in three pieces that easily fit together. Simply attach the adjustable base to the cup holder with the included screw. Then pop in the circular padding into the cup holder and it’s ready to work its magic.

The twistable base adjusts to your car cup holder’s size in no time. Just pop it in and twist it until it’s snug and secure. As simple as it sounds, the car cup holder expander never fails to impress me. I especially love the silicone tabs around the holder’s edges to keep bottles from rattling around. And the side slot ideal for cups with handles is a total plus if you prefer taking your favorite coffee mug to the office and can’t go anywhere without your Stanley tumbler.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

When an Amazon product has more than 6,700 five-star ratings, it’s usually a keeper—as is the case with this problem-solving find. Here’s what other reviews love about the car cup holder expander:

Verified Amazon reviewer, Allie Szoke, raves, “This is a great cup holder expander. It’s adjustable and fits any cup holder, it’s easy to set up and even has a slot on the side for the handle of a cup. It’s perfect.”

“My wife loves her Nalgene bottles, but was constantly trying to find a place for it to fit in her car,” writes Nathan Knight, a verified Amazon reviewer. “This product is exactly what she needed. She couldn’t be happier with how it fits with the profile of her console right next to the armrest.”

“For years, I have just left my Hydro Flask on the passenger seat or on the floor listening to it roll around and waiting for a red light until I could get a drink of water,” shares verified Amazon reviewer, Mary. “Why it took me so long to buy this is beyond me, but I am so glad I did! I recommend this to all my large water bottle friends and family! No more sounds of a rolling Hydro Flask or waiting until I’m stopped to drink water.”

Where to Buy a Car Cup Holder Expander

Toh Ecomm Car Cup Holder Extender Via Amazon.comvia merchant

With road trip season in full swing, there’s no better time to snag this car cup holder where it goes for $27 on Amazon and Etsy. Trust me, I’m relieved to have this genius product every time I hop in the car with my awkwardly-shaped travel coffee mug or Hydro Flask water bottle. Next, check out these Stanley cup accessories that make drinking out of everyone’s favorite water bottle even better.

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