Find popular recipes for international cuisines, including Mexican, Italian, Thai and Indian food.

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    Filipino Macaroni Salad

    This Filipino macaroni salad is always on the buffet table at family parties. It's such a sweet and unique combination of flavors that you almost forget it's not a dessert! Make it even sweeter by adding 3/4 cup of kaong (the sugar palm fruit used in halo-halo) or 3/4 cup of nata de coco. Some of my family members add a can of sweet corn too. —Angelica Cataldo, Orlando, Florida

    How to Make Mexican Street Corn (Elote Recipe)

    This creamy, cheesy Mexican street corn recipe will be your favorite way to enjoy grilled corn on the cob.

    Greek Chicken Meat Loaf

    I love this recipe for chicken meat loaf. It's so easy to put together and lighter than most other meat...

    How to Make Crispy Pork Belly

    Meltingly tender meat topped with crispy, savory cracklings: That's crispy pork belly! Here's how easy it is to make this...

    Pesto Chicken Bake

    Serve this easy pesto chicken bake on busy weeknights. Browning the chicken adds more flavor and color, and it gives...

    What Is Hominy and How Do You Cook It

    All hominy is corn, but not all corn is hominy. We break it down and explain what hominy really is.

    Air-Fryer Pizza Pockets

    These air-fryer pizza pockets will satisfy everyone in the house. The best part is that they can be made ahead,...

    Creamy Polenta

    Serve this creamy polenta with roasted chicken or grilled pork instead of potatoes or rice. Dress up the polenta by...