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    Target Just Released 6 New Stanley Cup Colors in Collaboration with Joanna Gaines

    The muted shades in the Magnolia Stanley cup collection will seamlessly move from season to season.

    Yes, the New Harry Potter Hershey’s Kisses Look Simply Magical

    I need a cauldronful of this Harry Potter chocolate.

    I Made the Cottage Cheese Cookie Dough That Went Viral—Here’s What I Thought

    I had to put this cottage cheese cookie dough recipe to the test!

    Taco Bell Is Calling on Loyal Fans to Help Revamp Its Hot Sauce Packets

    Do you love Taco Bell hot sauce? Here's how loyal fans can leave their mark in a sizzling way.

    If You’re Gearing Up to See the New “Barbie” Movie, You Have to Try T...

    Come on Barbie, we're ready for a movie party with this Barbie cocktail!

    I Tried Costco Sushi, and I’m Ready to Roll with It Again

    Costco now sells sushi and sashimi it made right in the store. Is it worth battling crowds and long lines...

    People Are Obsessed with Utah’s Pink Cookies—Here’s How to Make Them

    Learn how to make the giant pink sugar cookies everybody is raving about!

    Can You Really Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk?

    Here's the verdict on this famous phrase.

    How to Make Crispy, Healthy Air-Fryer Salmon Bites

    This air-fryer recipe is going to be in heavy rotation at our house. It's so simple and tasty!

    The Crispy Chicken Taco Is Making a Comeback at Taco Bell

    This 2021 menu item is back in a brand-new way.

    McDonald’s Is Removing McCafe Bakery Items from Its Menu—Here’s Why

    It's time to say goodbye to three much-loved McCafe bakery items.

    Burger King and Wendy’s Are Giving Out Free Fries This Weekend

    Here's how you can score a free order in honor of National French Fry Day.

    The 10 Best Things to Buy at Costco Right Now

    There's nothing that brightens our day more than going for a well-deserved Costco run. Here's what to shop for!

    These Limited-Edition Trader Joe’s Pink Treats Are The Most Refreshing Summer Snack

    Frozen strawberry lemonade ice bars are as charming as they are refreshing, and we want to stock our freezer with...

    How to Make TikTok Ramen, a Dry Take on the Soupy Noodle Dish

    Noodles have to be some of the easiest dishes to customize, and this dry version of ramen—aka TikTok ramen—is no...

    Yes, McDonald’s Sells Spaghetti, But Only in One Location

    Forget the Big Mac! Have you ever picked up an order of spaghetti at McDonald's?

    McDonald’s Just Brought Back Its Jalapeno Double, Plus Other Spicy Menu Items

    McDonald's has two—maybe three—delicious jalapeno menu items to feast on this summer.

    Joanna Gaines Just Shared the Cake Pops That Her Son Is Obsessed With

    Joanna Gaines's recipe for cake pops is Crew-approved. It's super easy to make, too!

    Costco Is Cracking Down on Membership Card Sharing—Here’s How

    Costco is now verifying membership cards at self-checkout to prevent card sharing. Here's what we know about the change.

    How to Make Easy S’mores in Your Air Fryer

    You can have air-fryer s'mores ready in two minutes!

    Snickers Just Announced a Brand-New Flavor—Here’s Your First Look

    Snickers Butterscotch Scoop is the latest flavor from the iconic chocolate brand. Here's our review!

    Van’s Gluten Free Waffles Recalled Due to Allergy Concerns

    This is not good news for people who follow a gluten-free diet.

    The Italian Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich Is Back Burger King

    This fan favorite is only back for the summer!

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    Why Does Cold Water Taste Better?

    Why does cold water taste better? It's not your imagination—it's science!

    Cold Stone Creamery Is Scooping Up Pink Barbie Ice Cream, and Yes, It Glitters

    This is the ice cream 8-year-old me used to dream about!

    Here’s How to Crack an Egg Perfectly Every Time

    We're about to drop some very valuable egg knowledge—pay attention if you don't like messes!

    I Tested the Orange Chicken Sandwich at Panda Express—Here’s What I Thought

    Is the Panda Express orange chicken sandwich a food court must-have? I had to find out!

    Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Its Volcano Menu for a Limited Time

    Paris Hilton is bringing back what's "hot" with three Taco Bell 2000s fan faves!