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These Trending Kitchen Gadgets Are on Deep Discount

Go on. Pop a few of these kitchen gadgets into your cart. They'll make life a little easier—and they're all on sale.

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The Best Kitchen Gadgets On Sale TodayVIA MERCHANT

As a shopping editor who focuses on finding the deepest discounts on the brands that Taste of Home readers love, I’ve seen my fair share of kitchen gadgets—like my coveted RoboTwist—and these finds are certifiably the most handy kitchen gadgets online. The best part? These kitchen gadgets won’t break the bank.

You don’t need these fun time-savers—but at prices as low as these, can you really resist adding a few to your cart? They make the best gifts for home cooks. Plus, a few of the items below are editor-tested, so you know you’ll actually use them and they won’t just become clutter lining your shelves.

These helpful finds may not be smart gadgets, but they’re available at some seriously brilliant prices.

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Immersion Hand Blender Setvia merchant

The Best Kitchen Gadget Sales

Immersion Hand Blender Set

This immersion hand blender set isn’t just capable of whipping up smooth and delicious soups. Instead, this blender stick includes an arsenal of attachments. Froth milk, chop veggies and whisk eggs and batter by simply switching out the tip of the tool. Just like the other kitchen gadgets on sale that we found, it’s incredibly handy—and a total steal at a savings of 72%.

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Vegetable Chopper Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Vegetable Chopper

Available for $15 off, this vegetable chopper belongs in every home. We’re smitten with the interchangeable blades that chop, slice and spiral everything from zucchini to apples. A similar editor-loved vegetable chopper has an honorary place in our test kitchen thanks to its immense handiness—why not score one on sale?

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Salad Spinner Ecomm Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Salad Spinner

Whether it’s washing produce, rinsing potato slices for frying, defrosting frozen shrimp or cleaning beans, salad spinners are a right-hand man in the kitchen. Simply stash the produce inside the spinner bowl, add some water, pop on the lid and turn the knob to instantly eradicate dirt and grime. After that, dress the salad with oil, vinegar or dressing—we recommend using an oil dispenser to store homemade dressings.

The spinner is well worth the price, especially while it’s 41% off.

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Brown Sugar Storage Containervia merchant

Brown Sugar Storage Container

Sick of brown sugar clumping up in the cupboard? This brown sugar container takes care of that—and it’s currently a staggering 43% off! The secret is the terracotta disk in the lid. Dunk it in water before closing the airtight container. Moisture from the disk prevents the brown sugar from drying out, keeping crystallizing and sticking at bay.

Seeking something a bit cuter? The editor-loved brown sugar bear does the same thing.

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Smart Wireless Meat Thermometervia merchant

Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

We’re big fans of the Thermapen One, a smart thermometer that ticks all of our barbecue boxes. But at $100, we know it’s a bit pricey. This smart wireless meat thermometer makes a robust (and affordable) alternative at a savings of $30. Simply fire up the app and push in the wireless thermometer for near-instant readings and temperature recommendations. Plus, a bonus remote monitoring dashboard makes it easy to be a pit boss without babysitting the grill.

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Electric Ice Shaver Ecomm Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Electric Ice Shaver

Ice shavers are a summertime staple, and right now this electric option is available at a hefty 34% discount! Use it to whip up delicious snow cones, Italian ice treats or slushies in seconds. Add a few ice cubes to the ice shaver’s chamber, then close the top and press the button. Voila—instant shaved ice. Shaved ice soaks up liquids better than traditional crushed ice, so there’s never any flavorless ice at the bottom of the glass.

Have a KitchenAid mixer? There’s a shaved ice attachment that does the same thing—and it’s also on sale!

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Aeropress Coffee Makervia merchant

AeroPress Coffee Maker

My AeroPress coffee maker never leaves my side during camping trips and office runs thanks to its small size and easy-to-use setup. Simply load in one of the special disk filters, add some grounds and pour in the water. Then, press down on the plunger over an empty mug for a shot of concentrated, mind-jolting java. Tempting? It should be—especially when you can snag this compact coffee maker at a savings of $15!

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Yonanas Deluxe Ecomm Via Yonanas.comvia merchant

Yonanas Deluxe

Turn frozen bananas into delightful creamy desserts with the Yonanas Deluxe, on sale for 38% off. Available in an assortment of fun colors, this easy-to-operate machine makes yummy sorbet from almost any fruit in just seconds. Add frozen fruit to the chute, then press down on the lever. It’s that easy to operate!

Looking for something that tackles traditional ice cream, too? The editor-tested Ninja Creami is the appliance for you!

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Cherry Pittervia merchant

Cherry Pitter

Kiss those pits goodbye with this compact cherry pitter, available at a savings of 50%. Simply insert a cherry (or olive) into the holder, then squeeze the handle to toss that pit to the curb. It simplifies and speeds up pie making and charcuterie boards, so you can focus on the recipe instead.

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Floral Pie Plungervia merchant

Floral Pie Plunger

Anything that makes pretty pies is a “win” in our book, and this floral pie plunger set is no exception. Currently marked down $12, this handy toolset contains four different floral designs in two separate sizes. Use these plungers to punch out pie decorations, or opt to use them for fun flower-shaped cookies instead—no decorating skills required!

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